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Jacketed glass reactor for crystallized CBD

Jacketed glass reactor for crystallized CBD

TOPTION this type double layer glass reactor with filtration function, is an economical glass reactor for crystallized CBD, could help you get 99% high purity cbd crystals. From 5L to 250L wide capacity range, glass and stainless steel material are optional, CE and UL configurations are available, ultrasonic homogenize function is optional, automatic lifting function, explosion proof system are optional.

jacketed glass reactor for crystallized CBD

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Technical parameters of TOPTION this crystallization reactor (The technical parameters below are only some of our models. Our capacity ranges from 5L lab scale reactor to 250L reactor. You can choose matching chiller, heater and vacuum pumps. Contact us for more technical parameters, pictures, videos, catalogue and factory direct sales price list).

Model TOPT-50F TOPT-100F
Electrical requirements 110/220V, 50/60hZ 1-PH
Standard stirring motor power 120W 200W
Rotation controller Digital controller with variable frequency drive, 600rpm
Agitator type Anchor design, 304 stainless steel reinforced with PTFE coating
Filter plate Glass sand core filter
Reaction vessel capacity 50L 100L
Liquid collection vessel 50L 100L
Glass vessel temperature range -120~250 Celsius -120~250 Celsius

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