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High evaporation rates molecular distillation system

High evaporation rates molecular distillation system

TOPTION molecular distillation system is made SS316L stainless steel with efficient thermal conductivity, mechanical seal design to ensure the realization of high vacuum, this one is our newly designed vacuum distillation equipment, which uses a glass evaporator design to make the entire distillation process more visible on the basis of the original high evaporation rates advantages.

molecular distillation system working process
molecular distillation system application

Full automatic operation to help you save labor cost and time, matching gear pump supports 24 hours and 7 days continuous working, which could greatly improving your work efficiency, increase your return on investment. UL / CE two different configurations are available, matched vacuum pump unit, chiller and heater are available.

Technical parameters of molecular distillation system with high evaporation rates

Model MDS-50CE new design wiped film molecular distillation equipment
Material tank 50L jacketed material tank, made of stainless steel material and with two sight glass design
Material feeding Flow 10-50 L/H, by UL / CE gear pump
Evaporation area 0.5 m2
Film forming motor 1.5KW, frequency control of motor speed
Cold trap Stainless steel cold trap design for chiller and liquid nitrogen double purpose
Shelf and assemble 304 stainless steel pipe
24H/7days continuously working Yes

Main features of TOPTION this new design glass evaporator molecular distillation system

molecular distillation system advantages

molecular distillation system supplier

molecular distillation system package

Molecular distillation system directly sale from China factory, through ISO CE UL certification, reliable quality guarantee, and help you save cost and time. Turnkey solution technical support, from biomass extraction - filtration - evaporation - decarboxylation - distillation - crystallization - drying whole process customization with greatest flexibility. Contact to enquiry price list.

molecular distillation system turnkey solution

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