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lab reactor vessel

lab reactor vessel

TOPTION lab reactor vessel jacketed glass reactor with chiller and vacuum pump complete set factory directly sale help you save cost and time, in stock fast delivery, wide capacity range customization, OEM support. All glass reactors 1 year warranty period, lifetime wholehearted service, fast communication within 2 hours.

lab reactor vessel supplier
CE glass reactor vessel

Technical parameters of TOPTION lab reactor vessel, lab - pilot - industry wide capacity range customization

Material Borosilicate glass 3.3 high quality
Reaction vessel capacity 2L 5L
Reaction bottle cover flange 150 180
Inner diameter of reactor body 135 180
Temperature range Heater and chiller are available, -120 ~ 300 celsius degree temperature range
Display Digital display / LCD display optional
Stirring speed 0-800rpm customizable 0-600rpm customizable

TOPTION as ISO CE certified lab glass reactor manufacturer, with more than 15 years experience, provide technical support, professional customization ( lab - pilot - industry wide capacity range ), OEM, in-situ installization & training service, various models glass reactor to meet different budget requirement ( simple structure economical type, PLC automatic control type, etc) as below pictures

lab reactor vessel supplier

Buy lab reactor vessel glass reactors, contact to get price list from factory directly, help you save cost and time

lab reactor factory
lab reactor factory

lab reactor package

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