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cryogenic chiller

TOTPION cryogenic chiller is also know as laboratory recirculating water chiller, provide cooling condition for chemical machine.

Take our customers in the cbd industry as an example. In the initial biomass extraction process, low-temperature circulating pump is used to pre-freeze the alcohol. The chiller is also connected during the extraction process, which can make the extraction equipment reach a low temperature of -80 degrees celsius. Subsequent evaporation to remove the solvent and alcohol recovery, such as using a rotary evaporator, connect the chiller to the condenser of the rotary evaporator for efficient condensation, etc., and there are many other application, also provide wide temperature range customization.

The most common application areas of TOPTION cryogenic chiller

Short path distillation kit

molecular distillation chiller

molecular distillation equipment

reactor chiller

Lab reactor

chiller for centrifuge extraction equipment

Extraction equipment

rotary evaporator chiller

Rotary evaporator

stainless steel reactor

Stainless steel reactor

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