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agitated film evaporators

TOPTION agitated film evaporators is also known as thin film evaporator, wiped film evaporator, popular used after biomass extraction step, for efficient ethanol recovery, alcohol recovery, solvent remove. Installation, operation and use are very simple. Generally, high and low temperature circulating pump and vacuum pumps need to be matched. Whether it is experimental lab scale or industrial production type, TOPTION provide installation layout drawings, installation videos, and on-site installation services is optional.

 agitated film evaporators
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Of course, many people can choose a rotary evaporator for concentration, solvent removal and recovery, which can achieve the same purpose, but the efficiency is quite different, and the wiped film evaporator has unique advantages.

1. Alcohol collection rate is high, almost no waste, 95% are collected.

2. Low energy consumption. Such as 5 sets 100L rotary evaporator compared with 1 set 1㎡ wiped film evaporator, heating power of 5 sets rotary evaporator is about 90KW, but for 1㎡ wiped film evaporator, less than 45KW.

3. Low working temperature, little impact on materials, protects heat-sensitive materials.

4. High temperature resistant alkali.

5. Durable operation of high quality stainless steel wiped film evaporator.

6. Higher purity in both light and heavy phases after separation.

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As the manufacturer of agitated film evaporator, TOPTION have through ISO SGS TUV BV RoHS certification, CE | UL two different configurations are optional, lab - pilot - industry customization with greatest flexibility, chillers, heaters, vacuum pump, evaporators complete set are available, contact to ask factory directly sale price now.

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