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reactor stainless steel for crystallized CBD

TOPTION standard 50l reactor stainless steel for crystallized CBD, with filtration function design, provide professional customization with greatest flexibility. UL / CE configurations are optional, jacketed layer reaction tank design for heating & cooling reaction ( matched chiller, heater, vacuum pump are available).

reactor stainless steel structure
industry reactor stainless steel

1 Motor and controller with CE / UL certification, be optional
2 Customization reactor lid, include feeding port, temperature sensor, sight glass, etc, customized based on your actual requirements
3 Double  layer reaction tank for good insulation performance
4 Crystal filter tank, which is easy to upload from reaction tank, so as to take out cbd crystals very easily, and also easy to clean
5 Built-in stainless steel filter net
6 Mother liquid tank customization
7 Customization, include condensers, collection vessels, etc.

For TOPTION new design stainless steel crystallization filter reactor - Dissolve at elevated temperature, crystallize out at lower temperature, and filter to obtain pure CBD cystals. After multiple filtrations, 99% pure CBD crystals can be achieved.

Technical parameters of TOPTION stainless steel crystallization reactor

Model TCFR-50L
Net volume
Material Stainless steel 304 with very good thermal conductivity
Motor liquid collection tank 30L volume, S304 stainless steel, with sight glass design
Filter design 50 micron filter plate and filter cloth, vacuum insulation design
Motor and controller UL / CE configurations are optional
Sealing type Magnetic drive, static sealing
Customization Condenser, collection tank, etc, customization with greatest flexibility according to your actual needs

Advantages of reactor stainless steel for crystallized CBD

stainless steel reactor motor

stainless steel reactor lid

stainless steel reactor filter

stainless steel reactor chiller

TOPTION as ISO CE certification chemistry reactor supplier and manufacturer, with more than 15 years experience, technical support, professional customization provide, welcome to visit our factory for reactor installization and operation training, also our engineers could come to your lab to do reactor installization and operation training service, contact

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