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molecular distillation machine for cbd oil purity

TOPTION two stages stainless steel molecular distillation machine for cbd oil purity, one-to-one customized services, such as three stages short path distillation unit (lab scale, pilot, industrial production type), first-stage wiped film evaporators combined with second-stage short path distillers design, to help you match high and low temperature circulation equipment precision temperature control system, vacuum pumps. Including front-end extraction, filtration, solvent removal systems, back-end crystallization, crystal drying equipment, etc., a one-stop solution provider.

two stages molecular distillation machine
cbd oil turnkey solution

Simple description of structure configuration of this two stages short path distillation machine

Stainless steel material feeding tank use double layer design for good insulation performance, and have sight glass on tank lid, you can observe material situlation clearly.


Gear pump for material feeding and discharging, UL / CE configurations are available, the most advantages of gear pump is for automatic and continuous working.


Magetic sealing and mechanical sealing are optional, strong motor (UL / CE) to drive rotation


Full jacketed pipeline design, ensure that even if you work in a very low ambient temperature, there will be no condensation in pipeline


Jacketed evaporator with internal condenser design

6 Coils cold trap with sight glass design

Technical parameters of 5 inch lab molecular distillation machine for cbd oil purity

Model MDS-10CE two stages molecular distillation machine
Material feeding tank Upgrade 15L stainless steel feeding tank, with jacketed layer design
Gear pump 3 pcs gear pump, UL / CE types optional
Evaporator area 0.1 m2
Film forming motor 370W, mechanical constantly variable transmission, 200 - 1000 rpm/min
Dual cold trap design 0.4m2 chiller cooling cold trap and 3L liquid nitrogen cold trap design
Jacketed pipeline material Stainless steel material
Shelf and assemble 304 stainless steel pipe
Certification UL / CE certification different configurations
Package Safe and fixed wooden box package

stainless steel molecular distillation machine
molecular distillation machine filter net design

molecular distillation machine evaporator

molecular distillation machine cold trap

molecular distillation machine gear pump

molecular distillation machine sight glass design

molecular distillation machine vacuum pump

molecular distillation machine package

molecular distillation machine factory

molecular distillation machine explo

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