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extractive distillation for essence oils and extracts

TOPTION brand extractive distillation for essence oils and extracts, use high-quality stainless steel material which is not only durable to ensure the long service life of the vacuum distillation equipment, but also because of the good thermal conductivity of stainless steel material, it can achieve distillation efficiency several times higher than that of glass distillers, which promotes the improvement of the entire distillation efficiency. In addition, it is also corrosion resistant, easy to clean, stainless steel extractive distillation equipment, is your irreplaceable choice.

extractive distillation equipment

Technical parameters of 12 inch stainless steel extractive distillation equipment for essence oil and extracts

Model MDS-50CE molecular distillation extractive distillers
Material Whole set stainless steel material, durable for long service life, good thermal conductivity for high efficient distillation rate
Material feeding and discharging UL / CE certification gear pump are available, for stable and continuous working
Material charging flow speed 10L  - 50 L/h
Evaporation area 0.5 m2
Motor UL / CE certification configurations are available
Sealing type Mechanical sealing or magnetic sealing is optional
Cold trap 1m2 chiller cooling cold trap, 5L liquid nitrogen cold trap
Mixing motor 1500W
Material pipeline Jacketed insulation pipeline

Your benefits from TOPTION stainless steel extractive distillation equipment for essence oil and extracts, below are some high-definition detailed pictures of this vacuum distillation equipment for your reference

feeding tank of extractive distillation equipment

evaporator of extractive distillation equipment

extractive distillation equipment material feeding and discharging pump

extractive distillation equipment cold trap

extractive distillation equipment sight glass design

This is TOPTION new hot-selling model extractive distillation machine, which uses a PLC automatic control system. All of TOPTION cbd processing equipment ( extractors, distillers, evaporators, reactors, dryers) supports the customization of PLC control systems, including automatic control of the high and low temperature cycle temperature control equipment matched by the distillation equipment, which can be customized. And this 12 inch stainless steel short path distillation equipment can work continuously for 24 hours and 7 days, which greatly improves the efficiency of distillation and the utilization rate of distillation equipment.

extractive distillation equipment factory
extractive distillation equipment manufacturer

extractive distillation equipment package

extractive distillation equipment expo

extractive distillation equipment ceriftication

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