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agitated thin film evaporator

Agitated thin film evaporator wiped film evaporators manufacturer, CE / UL certification configurations are optional, lab scable small type, pilot type, industry production types professional customization is supported. TOPTION strong engineers team with more than 15 years experience in cbd processing equipment, provide technical support for new starter, equipment training, online vedios communicating in time service, etc. Quality is our culture, TOPTION be your top option in cbd industry.

agitated thin film evaporator


Stainless steel 316L material, durable and corrosive-resistant, excellent thermal conductivity for high processing rates.


Built in stainless steel filter net in material feeding tank, for effectibe filtering of impurities.


Jacketed pipeline of whole set, for excellent heat preservation performance.


For feeding and collection section adopt full jacketed pipe design.


Electric machinery, magnetic sealing strong motor to drive rotation.


Main evaporator with built-in condenser, 3 layers insulation design.

7 Material charging pump use gear pump, UL / CE configurations are optional, which is automatic, continuous and stable feeding and discharging.

Your benefits of TOPTION brand stainless steel thin film evaporator, let us look at the reliable quality and practical design details of this evaporation device from some high-definition details pictures

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