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molecular distillation equipment for 15+ years

32inch, 20inch, 14inch, 12inch, 8inch, 7inch, 5inch molecular distillation equipment for 15+ years, with possess rich experience in R&D, production and sales of vacuum distillation machine. MDS-10~50 for research purpose, MDS-100 / 200 / 500 for production, matching high and low temperature circulation equipment (chillers & heaters) , vacuum pumps, connecting pipe fittings, etc., you can choose according to your actual needs, or you tell us what materials you want to achieve, what effects you want to achieve, TOPTION professional technical team will provide you with customization for free and wholehearted.

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Your benefits of MDS-200CE industry distillation equipment wiped film molecular distillers

1. For the double layer stainless steel material feeding tank, TOPTION engineers have design the built in SS316L filter net, which can effective filter the impurities druing material feeding, this design of distillation equipment is also conducive to improving the efficiency of the entire distillation process and obtaining better distillation results.

2. Main evaporator adopt three layer insulation design, and with built-in condenser.

3. High efficient condenser design, with sight glass for clearly observation of whole process.

4. Gear pump ( UL and CE certification different configurations are optional ) could achieve non stop running 24hrs/7days, you can discharge distillate and residue continuously.

5. All stainless steel pipeline are double layer type for good heat preservation performance.

6. SS 316L collection tank designed with sight glass and ball valve design, it is convenient to take out the materials without interrupting the distillation process and achieve the goal of continuous operation.

Technical parameters of TOPTION stainless steel molecular distillation equipment

Model MDS-200CE 29 inch molecular distillation equipment
Material charging method and flow speed Gear pump UL / CE different types, 30L - 260L/h
Evaporation area 2 m2
Sealing method Mechanical sealing
Film forming motor 3KW, frequency control of motor speed
Film forming type Scraper, roller is optional, you can choose based on your actual needs.
Cold trap Dual purpose high efficient cold trap design ( suitable for chiller, liquid nitrogen)
Discharging speed Flow 30L - 260L/h
24hrs / 7days continuously working Yes
Package Strong wooden box packaging, professional export, support a variety of transportation methods, can assist in customs clearance

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