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distillate machine for cbd oil full spectrum distillate

Stainless steel distillate machine for cbd oil full spectrum distillate, this kind of vacuum distillation equipment has many names, including short path molecular distillation, wiped film distillation, thin film distillation equipment, etc. Because of its special structure, this short path distiller is very suitable for the distillation and separation of heat sensitive materials, such as cbd oil, essential oil, fish oil, turmeric butter oil, etc.

distillate machine for cbd oil full spectrum distillate
cbd extraction turnkey solution

Vacuum molecular distillation is the fifth step of the entire cbd oil production process to obtain high-purity cbd oil. In order to improve the purity of cbd oil, many customers will also customize multi stages molecular distillation equipment include two stages and three stages type. Here we mainly talk about the single-stage distillation equipment, let us first take a brief look at its technical parameters

Model MDS-50CE 12 inch distillate machine
Material Stainless steel material, all pipeline adopt jacketed layer design for excellent insulation effect
Material feeding tank 50L double layer stainless steel tank
Material charging and discharging Gear pump ( UL & CE certification different configurations are available)
Capacity 10-50 L/h
Film forming method Scraper ( roller is optional)
Evaporator design Stainless steel with sight glass design, glass evaporator are available
Cold trap Dual purpose cold trap design ( chiller & liquid nitrogen)
Shelf and assemble 304 stainless steel pipe jacketed layer design
Vacuum pump is optional 0.05Pa / 1Pa / 10Pa optional

Let us experience the reliable quality of this molecular distillation equipment from the high-definition detailed pictures

feeding tank of distillate machine
stainless steel filter net of distillate machine

evaporator of distillate machine

cold trap of distillate machine

gear pump of distillate machine

sight glass design of distillate machine

collection flask of distillate machine

parts of distillate machine

TOPTION as the verified manufacturer of distillate machine, through ISO certification, UL & CE certification different configurations are available, you can choose based on you actual requirements. While welcoming friends from all over the world to visit the factory, TOPTION are also actively participating in professional exhibitions around the world every year, such as in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, etc. If you are interested, please contact us by

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