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200L cbd crystallization reactor

200L cbd crystallization reactor

From biomass to achieve over 99% pure CBD crystals, drying oven, TOPTION provide customized packaging turnkey solutions, through ISO certification, all electrical parts UL CE standard optional, On-site service, installation, and video guidance. TOPTION, your TOP OPTION in cbd extraction | distillation industry.

TOPTION brand stainless steel crystallization reactor with filtration function, is used after short path molecular distillation process, main purpose is to purity cbd oil, through repeatly crystallization filtration, could achieve over 99% pure cbd crystals.

200l cbd crystallization reactor

Technical parameters of TOPTION 200L crystallization reactor with filtration function

Model TCFR-200L
Stainles steel reaction tank design Stainless steel S304 jacketed layer design
Reaction tank capacity 200L
Heat exchange area of condenser 3 m2
Solvent tank capacity 100L with sight glass design
Mother liquid collection tank capacity 150L with sight glass
Filter 50 micron filter plate and filter cloth ( filter bag is available)
Filter design Vacuum insulation
Electrical box
Explosion proof design
Certification CE and UL certification configurations are available

Main structure description of 200L crystallization filtration reactor

200l cbd crystallization reactor

Your benefits of TOPTION stainless steel crystallizationr eactor

1. UL cerified motor and controller, explosion proof system for safe operation guarantee.

2. Crystal filter tank quick opening design, bottom wheel design, convenient to unload and drag out, crystal taked off is very easy and convenient.

cbd crystallization reactor

crystal reactor lid

cbd crystal filter

stainless steel reactor

reactor valve design

turnkey solution

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