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100L crystallization reactor

100L crystallization reactor

Stainless steel crystallization reactor 100L 200L hotsale, stock available for fast delivery within 7 days, technical support, professional customization, factory directly sale could help you save time and cost. Through TOPTION brand crystallization reactor could achieve over 99% pure CBD crystals. The filter funnel is designed with a mobile cart and quick-opening design, which is easy to unload and push out, cbd crystals are very convenient to take out.

100l crystallization reactor

Technical parameters of 100L crystallization reactor

Model TCFR-100L
Jacketed reaction tank capacity 100L
Material S304 stainless steel
Sealing method Magnetic drive, static sealing
Stirring power
1.5KW, frequency conversion adjust speed
Jacketed layer design Jacket heating cycle, with 70mm insulation layer outside the jacket
Condenser design 2m2 Heat exchange area
Solvent tank capacity
Mother liquid tank capacity 80L
Explosion proof design Explosion proof motor and controller

Structure design of TOPTION 100L stainless steel crystallization reaction tank

crystallization reactor structure

Your benefits of cbd crystallization reactor (detail picture show, quality is our culture)

motor of crystallization reactor

jacketed reactor

crystallization filter

stainless steel crystallization filter plate

double loop design of crystallization reactor

crystallization reactor valve design

From biomass to achieve over 99% pure CBD crystals, drying oven, TOPTION provide customized packaging turnkey solutions, through ISO certification, all electrical parts UL CE standard optional, On-site service, installation, and video guidance. TOPTION, your TOP OPTION in cbd extraction | distillation industry. Contact get factory direactly sale discount price, help you save cost and time.

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