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Rising film evaporator

Rising film evaporator 200L/hr~1000L/hr evaporation capacity wide capacity range flexible design, higher efficient method to do alcohol | ethanol recovery, solvent remove after hemp oil extraction process. TOPTION as cbd extraction | evaporation | distillation equipment manufacturer, with more than 15 years development,  production, sale and service experience, technical support, professional customization, factory directly sale help you save cost.

Rising film evaporator

Technical parameters of  hotsale 200L stainless steel rising film evaporator

Evaporation area 5m2 200L ethanol can be distilled per hour
Evapoator size Φ400 (Vaporization section L=700, with 200mm high packing on the top)
Condenser All stainless steel is welded, no gasket, no brazing, no pollution.
Storage tank Stainless steel 304 material, 100L
Pump High precision gear pump * 3pcs
Flow meter
Controller Explosion proof design
Chillers and vacuum pump Are available.

Structure of rising film evaporators

rising film evaporator structure

Detail pictures of rising film evaporator, quality is TOPTION culture

1. Continuous evaporation process & safe operation. High precision gear pump for automatic | stable | continuously material feeding / discharging.

2. Rising film evaporator for Fast evaporation, use smaller equipment to produce more products.

3. Stainless steel condensing net accelerates separation, improves product purity, and reduces heavy component waste.

rising film evaporator


high efficient ethanol recovery

sight glass design of rising film evaporator

rising film evaporator factory

cbd evaporators manufacturer

package of rising film evaporator

Safe wooden package of rising film evaporator.

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