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UL decarbonize reactor

UL decarbonize reactor

UL certified configuration decarbonize reactor hotsale 50L 100L (fast delivery within 7days), lab - pilot - industry wide capacity range flexible design, it could achieve continuously ethanol recovery and decarb purpose directly together, usually used as the next step after evaporation ( solvent remove | ethanol recovery ) process.

UL decarbonize reactor

Technical parameters  of this stainless steel decarbonize reactor

Hotsale model 50L / 100L hotsale, other capacity flexible design
Material Stainles steel for durable operation, higher efficient process
Feeding tank design 3 layers stainless steel reaction tank
Motor and controller UL certified configurations
Visual process Sight glass design, you can observe whole process clearly
Sealing method Machinery Seal
Wheel design For convenient & easy movement

Note: heating and cooling circulators, vacuum pump are available, cbd industry from extraction - filtration - evaporation - decarboxylation - distillation - crystallization turnkey solution provided, contact to get whole design drawing and factory lower price now.

decarbonize reactor certification
Advantages of stainless steel cbd decarbonize reactor

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