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stainless molecular distillation

TOPTION hotsale type stainless molecular distillaiton equipment with UL certification, meet GMP standard, safe and easy automatic operaion. Short path molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which can be operated in extremely high vacuum, through low and high temperature circulating bath to achieve accurate temperature control. High throughput distillation equipment to produce clean and clear cbd oil, fish oil, etc.

stainless molecular distillation

Simple technical parameters of stainless steel 12 inch UL certified molecular distillation equipment

Model MDS-50CE stainless molecular distillation
Motor and controller UL certification
Gear pump UL certified gear pump * 3 pcs
Evaporation area
0.50 m2 / 12 inch
Internal condenser area 2 m2
Capacity 10-50L/h ( 30-200L/H, 30-260L/H, 50-300L/H optional)
Mixing motor power 1500W
External condenser + cold trap 1 + 1

stainless molecular distiller structure design

Advantages of stainless steel short path molecular distillaiton equipment

1. Separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easy oxide materials.
2. Can extremely effectively remove substances in liquids such as organic solvents, odors, etc.
3. Can selectively evaporate the target product, remove other impurities, and can separate more than two substances at the same time through multi-stage separation.

High heat transfer efficiency, fast evaporation speed, short material residence time, factory sales price, fast delivery within 7 days of hotsale type, lifetime after-sale, high quality, most advanced technology, support professional customization such as multistage types, wiped film evaporator first stage and molecular distillation second stage. Let's check detail pictures as below together.

stainless steel material of molecular distillation

evaporator of molecular distillation equipment

gear pump of molecular distillation equipment

cold trap of molecular distillation

sight glass design of molecular distillation

Manufacturing of extraction and distillation equipment more than 15 years, rich experiment engineers team support professional customization, technical support. Strong production energy to guarantee fast delivery time. UL, CE, ISO, SGS Certification guarantee reliable quality.  Customizable configurations with great flexibility.

molecular distillation supplier

molecular distillation equipment factory

certification of molecular distillation

Let's check TOPTION molecular distillation equipment factory pictures together as below.

distillation equipment factory

molecular distillation equipment factory

molecular distillation equipment package
stainless molecular distillaiton equipment global expo

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