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UL wiped film evaporator

UL wiped film evaporator

Stainless steel wiped film evaporator has 2L/h to 550L/h wide capacity range, compared with falling film evaporator and rotary evaporator, wiped film evaporation is higher efficient to do solvent remove | ethanol recovery. UL certified configurations are available.

wiped film evaporator

Wiped film evaporator through a rotary wiper to make a film, and has a high-speed flow, high heat transfer efficiency, short residence time (about 10~50S), it is mainly used for evaporation concentration, desolvation, stripping, reaction, degassing, deodorization (gas) taste, etc. It's simple technical parameters as below:

Model Evaporator Area (㎡) Height (mm) Capacity (L/H)
PWFS-0.1 0.1 2300 2-10
0.2 2500 10-20
0.3 2700 15-30
0.5 3300 20-50
1.0 4300 50-100
2.0 4600 100-200
3.0 5400 100-300
5.0 6400 150-405
6.0 7200 180-550

wiped film evaporator design

wiped film evaporator deisgn

wiped film evaporation

UL certified configurations are available. Hotsale types wiped film evaporation equipment we have storage, support fast delivery, or need professional customize, contact now.

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