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Stainless steel crystallization reactor

Stainless steel crystallization reactor

Crystallization reactor is used after molecular distillation equipment, glass and stainless steel material optional, both jacketed design, internal stirring design, automatic material feeding, for stainless steel crystallization reactor has sight glass design on reaction tank body, large material discharging port, convenient to take out materials and easy to clean.

crystallization reactor

crystallization tank structure design

Material Stainless steel (glass type optional)
Capacity 50L jacketed layer ( Lab - pilot - industry flexible design)
Filter plate SS316L sintered net ( sand core / PTFE / SS316 / Titanium filter plate optional)
Motor power Ex three phase 220V 60Hz
Stirrer motor 180W
Working voltage 220V 60Hz 1 phase
Ultrasonic power 2500W
Controller Ex controller
Pressure design Pressure gauge & safety automatic pressure relief design
Package Professional exported wooden box package
Stainless steel crystallization reactor
crystallization tank motor

crystallization tank lid

crystallization tank observation mirror

crystallization tank design

jacketed crystallization tank

crystallization tank design

crystallization tank discharging valve

vacuum pump of crystallization tank

crystallization tank certification

crystallization tank factory

crystallization tank package

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