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UL wiped film evaporator

This is professional customized 2 stages stainless steel wiped film evaporator, first stage is 0.1㎡wiped film evaporator, second stage is short path molecular distillation unit. First stage to do solvent remove /  ethanol recovery, and second stage to separation pure cbd oil. Greatly improve efficient, not only could help you save space, but also could help you save time and cost. UL certified configurations are available, please contact customize directly.

2 stages wiped film evaporator
wiped film evaporator factory

Simple technical parameters of this customized two stages wiped film evaporator

Model 0.1㎡ wiped film evaporator + 5inch molecular distillation unit
Material Jacketed 316L stainless steel design with sight glass
Material charging Ex gear pump ( UL certified configurations are available)
Film forming method Scraper ( roller is optional)
Sealing method Mechanical sealing ( magnetic sealing is optional)
Vacuum 10Pa, 5Pa, 1Pa, 0.01Pa optional, high vacuum molecular pump unit is available.
Temperature control system Heating and cooling circulating pump are avilable
Certification CE, ISO, SGS certification, UL certified configurations are available

stainless steel wiped film evaporator

UL wiped film evaporator

wiped film distillers

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UL wiped film evaporator certification

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