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50L Filtration Apparatus

50L Filtration Apparatus

TOPTION this type 50L SS304 filtration apparatus with quick opening flange is applied for Dewaxing – to remove waxes from your cbd oil. Support high throughput wax removal from winterized ethanol solutions.

50l filtration apparatus

Technical parameters of stainless steel 50L filtration apparatus


SS304 filter with quick opening flange


53 x 53 x 112cm


On adjustable height casters



Required Vacuum

Ultimate Vacuum: 29.998″HG, 5×10-2 torr

Vacuum Fittings

KF-25 Connection.

Reservoir Volume


Operating Temperature (°C)

up to 80

Collection Volume


Main features of stainless steel 50L filtration apparatus

1. High efficient filtration rates help you save time & labor cost.

2. All 316 stainless steel construction for superb cleanability, good acid & alkali resistance, corrosion resistance performance, long service life.

3. Wide applicability - various filter media available for different levels of finish.

4. Optional various sorbent media for decolorization.

5. Adjustable height casters design for portability, easy & convenient to move.

6. Incorporation of containment vessel for improved isolation from the environment.

7. GMP compliant integrated product containment, guarantee safety and contamination elimination.

8. Integrates into existing process easily.

50l filtration apparatus structure

Detail pictures of 50L filtration apparatus, reliable quality in detail

50L filtration apparatus

50L filter funnel

50L filtration apparatus funnel

50L filtration apparatus flange

50L filtration apparatus pipeline design

50L filtration apparatus discharge valve

50L filtration apparatus collection tank

50L filtration apparatus wheel design

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filtration apparatus certification

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