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CBD decarboxylation reactor

CBD decarboxylation reactor

Decarboxylation / decarb is a chemical reaction to removes a carboxyl (COOH) group from CBD-A, that means decarboxylation process apply heat to converting CBDA into CBD, requires heating under a certain temperation and a certain time.

CBD decarboxylation reactor

TOPTION  brand stainless steel decarboxylation reactor could achieve continuously ethanol recovery and decarb purpose directly together, such as:

Put in 50L reactor with around 40L material for ethanol recovery, set 50~60 degree for heating ---There will be about 20L ethanol recovery, there will be concentrated raw material left in 50L reactor:

1) Add more raw material in 50L reactor for ethanol continuous recovery.

2) Repeat this operation, until there is enough concentrated raw material in 50L reactor.

3) Set heater to around 130C for decarb purpose directly then.

CBD decarboxylation reactor structure

Technical parameters of stainless steel decarboxylation reactor:


50L Double Jacketed Decarboxylation Reactor

Reaction vessel capacity (L)

50L ( lab – pilot – industry wide capacity range)

Collection tank capacity (L)



1 coil high efficient

Reaction vessel material

3 layers reaction vessel, stainless steel material

Motor power

750W, 220V 50Hz single phase

Sight glass design

Yes, could observe whole process clearly

Dimension (mm)

1400 * 800 * 2400mm

Heater and chiller

Is available

Vacuum pump

Is available

decarboxylation reaction kettle

decarboxylation reaction tank

decarboxylation reactor condenser

decarboxylation reactor tank

decarboxylation reactor discharging valve

decarboxylation sealing

decarboxylation reactor design

heating and cooling circulators of decarboxylation reactor

Molecular Distillation System

decarboxylation reactor certification

decarboxylation reactor factory

Molecular distillation equipment factory

molecular distillation supplier

decarboxylation reactor supplier

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