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8 inch molecular distillation two stages

TOPTION brand stainless steel molecular distillation equipment, has 3 series - single stage, two stages, three stages, capacity range: 32inch / 20inch / 14inch / 12inch / 8inch / 7inch / 5inch, you could choose capacity and series according to your actual requirements. UL / CE different configurations are available.

8 inch molecular distillation two stages

molecular distillation application

8 inch molecular distillation structure

316L stainless steel material Durable and corrosive-resistant, high processing rates
Main evaporator With buit-in condenser, 3 layers insulation design
Dry ice and liquid nitrogen could be add Dual purpose condenser design
Filter net design in material feeding tank Effective filtering of impurities
Jacketed pipeline Excellent heat preservation
Gear pump ( UL / CE configurations are available) Automatic, continuous, and stable feeding and discharging
Sight glass design You can monitor the distillation process visually
Controller UL / CE configurations, explosion proof customization

Technical parameters of TOPTION this lab type 8 inch molecular distillation equipment

Model MDS-30CE 8 inch wiped film molecular distillation equipment
Material Quality stainless steel wholeset, with sight glass design to observe whole distillation process clearly
Material feeding tank capacity 30L capacity, jacketed layer design, stainless steel material
Gear pump UL / CE certification configurations are available, for material feeding and discharging, 3pcs
Evaporator 3 layers insulation design with built-in condenser, glass and stainless steel material are optional
Collection flask Glass collection flask and stainless steel collection tank are available
Cold trap 2pcs, dual purpose for chiller and liquid nitrogen
Vacuum gauge Yes
Vacuum unit Available, vacuum system for 0.05pa / 1pa / 10pa
Heating and cooling circulating pump Available, wide temperature range customization, pls contact to tell us your requirements.

Your benefits of stainless steel vacuum distillation equipment through some clear and detail pictures

stainless steel molecular distillation
8 inch molecular distillation filter net design

8 inch molecular distillation evaporator

8 inch molecular distillation cold trap

8 inch molecular distillation gear pump

molecular distillation equipment design

molecular distillation equipment hotsale

package of molecular distillation

molecular distillation equipment workshop

molecular distillation equipment factory

short path distillation equipment

molecular distillation supplier

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