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12 inch molecular distillation

MDS-50 stainless steel molecular distillation equipment capacity is 10~50L/h, other capacity is optional - 32inch / 20inch / 14inch / 12inch / 8inch / 7inch / 5inch, two stages and three stages could be customized. UL certification and CE certification different configurations distillation equipment optional, you can choose based on your actual needs.

12inch molecular distillation
molecular dsitillation equipment certification

Technical parameters of this type 12 inch hotsale stainless steel molecular distillation equipment

Model MDS-50CE 12 inch molecular distillation equipment
Wholeset material Stainless steel material
Evaporator material Stainlesss steel and glass type are optional, both jacketed layer design, with internal condenser
Capacity 3 -15 L/h
Material feeding tank capacity 50L double layer stainlesss steel tank, with sight glass design at top
Material charging and discharging flow 10 - 50 L/h
Pipeline design Wholeset pipeline use stainless steel jacketed layer design for good insulation performacen
Gear pump, motor and controller UL / CE certification different configurations are available
Package  Safe and fixed wooden box package
Customization Yes, multistage distillers customization, lab - pilot - industry customization, etc, professional customization service.

Through CE certification, ISO approved, 2 years warranty period, rich spare parts are available during equipment long service life, reliable quality guarantee, contact to get technical support now!

12 inch molecular distillation feeding tank
molecular distillation 12inch

molecular distillation 12inch evaporator

molecular distillation 12inch cold trap

molecular distillation gear pump

molecular distillation sight glass design

molecular distillation collection flask

molecular distillation package

hotsale molecular distillation

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