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Crystallization reactor crystal filter

Crystallization reactor crystal filter

Crystallization reactor crystal filter is an idea equipment to remove the impurities from samples high-efficiency, so many customers choose this vacuum evaporation crystallization equipment to do hemp oil purification during cbd oil distillation process. Support professional customize - ultrasonic emulsification function, PTFE filter plate / stainless steel filter plant, reactor lid, etc.

crystallization reactor crystal filter
crystallization reactor working process

1. Condenser 2. Stirring motor
3. Collection flask 4. Discharging valve
5. PTFE stirring paddle 6. Sand core filter plate
7. Strong stainless steel frame 8. Vacuum pump
9. Ultrasonic homogenizer 10. Filtration reactor controller
11. Ultrasonic controller 12. Collection flask
13. Condenser + collection flask, recycle organic reagents, and protect vacuum pumps
14. Universal wheel convenient moving 15. Heating and cooling circulator bath

Technical parameters of TOPTION crystallization reactor crystal filter


Filtration and recrystallization laboratory

Jacket glass reactor volume

50L ( Lab – Pilot – Industry optional )

Ultrasonic power

2500W (Ultrasonic emulsification function is optional)

Filter plate type

Sand core filter plate with PTFE fixing gland

Stirrer motor


Working temperature

-80~ 250

Heating & cooling circulator bath


Working voltage

220V 60Hz 1 phase ( support customization)

Note of glass filtration reactor

1. Reactor cover port: total six ports: stirrer port, ph port, liquid feeding port, temp port, vent port, solid feed port.

2. With bottom filter plate, can filter material, and filter can be washed and clean easily with electric lift device.

3. With cold trap and collection flask to protect pump, and solvent recovery.

Advantages of recrystallization filtration equipment

crystallization reactor
crystallization reactor ultrasonic function

crystallization reactor reaction tank

crystallization reactor sand core filter plate

crystallization reactor cold trap

crystallization reactor heaters and chillers

crystallization reactor vacuum pump

crystallization reactor supplier

recrystallization filtration equipment manufacturer

recrystallization filtration customers

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