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Purifying cbd oil by recrystallization

Purifying cbd oil by recrystallization

TOPTION this new developed recrystallization vacuum filtration system is combined with our glass reactors perfectly, it's an idea instrument to purify cbd oil / essential oil / fish oil / clove oil, etc, working process as below:

- Dissolve the solute in the solvent.

- Heat reactor to make the solute is completely dissolved.

- Slow cooling the reactor leads to purer crystals.

- Vacuum filtration to get pure crystals.

- Recovered solvents.

purifying cbd oil by recrystallization structure

1. Condenser 2. Stirring motor
3. Collection flask 4. Discharging valve
5. PTFE stirring paddle 6. Sand core filter plate
7. Strong stainless steel frame 8. Vacuum pump is available
9. Ultrasonic homogenize function 10. Filtration reactor controller
11. Ultrasonic controller 12. Collection flask
13. Condenser + collection flask, recycle organic reagents, and protect vacuum pumps
14. Universal wheel convenient moving 15. Heating and cooling circulating bath

Main features of this recrystallization vacuum filtration set ( support professional customize according to your actual research requirements)

1.Jacket glass reactor: 50L volume

2.Reactor cover port: total six ports: stirrer port, ph port, liquid feeding port, temp port, vent port, solid feed port.

3. With stirrer and stirrer motor is 150W, with ultrasonicator to homogenize materials at the same time, ultrasonic power 2500W.

4. With bottom filter plate, can filter material, and filter can be washed and clean easily with electric lift device.

5. With collection flask on right side to receive the material after filtration.

6. With cold trap and collection flask to protect pump.

7. Vacuum pump and heater or chillers are optional, base on your working condition.

8. Sand core filter plate with PTFE fixing gland.

9.Working temp: -80℃~ 250℃ (related heating cooling system should be prepared).

10. Working voltage: 220V 60Hz 1 phase.

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CBD oil extraction equipment, include vacuum pump, heating and cooling circulator bath, one stop solution help you save cost and time.

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