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50L glass nutsche filter

50L glass nutsche filter

TOPTION this set glass nutsche filter is professional customized type, glass reactor with ultrasonic emulsification & nutsche filtration function.

50L glass nutsche filter
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Technical parameters of this set 50L nutsche filter

Product name

Customized nutsche filter

Body volume


Reactor cover opening


Reactor cover opening design

constant pressure hopper opening (or as inlet),   condensation reflux   inlet, thermometer bushing opening, mixing opening and spare opening.

Reactor body discharged material


Motor reducer


Actual mixing speed

0 ~ 600 turns / min

Power supply voltage

220V 60Hz

Note: professional customization - glass reactor with ultrasonic emulsification function, nutsche filtration function.

Main features of 50L glass nutsche filter

1. Nutsche filter whole set is made of GG17 high borosilicate glass with good chemical and physical properties.

2. Use PTFE composite seal, it can maintain high vacuum degree.

3. Use efficient condenser to ensure high recovery rate.

4. It can be added with tap water to quickly take away reaction heat.

5. Discharged material has flanged opening and PTFE valve, without dead angle inside the container, it can be demounted to facilitate the discharge of solid materials.

6. Digital mixing motor, frequency conversion control, matched with a torque increasing of reducer.

7. CE certification, ISO approved reliable quality glass nutsche filter manufacturer, support professional customize, contact now.

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