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Heating and cooling circulating bath

Heating and cooling circulating bath

HR50 refrigerated heating circulator is a closed liquid circulation system,its working temperature range is -25~200℃,as it is closed cycle, so there's no oil mist at high temperature and no water vapor at low temperature, assure the lab safety and heat transfer fluid lifetime, environment friendly, high efficient.

HR50 refrigerated heating circulator

Main technical parameters of HR50 heating and cooling circulating bath

Refrigerated heating circulator


Temperature range


Heating power


Storage volume


Cooling capacity











Circulating pump flow

35 L/min

Circulating pump pressure

1.5 bar

Power supply

220V / 60HZ

Through CE certification, ISO approved, reliable quality guarantee. Professional customize of temperature control system, contact to get project free design.

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heating and cooling circulating bath supplier

Main features of HR series heating and cooling circulating bath

1. Wide working temperature range -20~200℃.

2. With 2pcs of LED display controller, can show the setting temperature, actual value, alarm value for over temperature.

3. Efficient fast, simple topping up liquid.

4. Ensure fast cooling at high temperature and can achieve 200℃ ~ -20℃ temperature

5. Use Emerson copeland brand compressor, circulation pump, stable performance and reliable quality.

6. Self-diagnosis function, freezer overload protection, high-pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, liquid low level protection, high temperature protection and temperature fault protection.

Professional heating & cooling circulating bath for vacuum distillation equipment, guarantee whole molecular distillation equipment high efficient working.

temperature control system of distillation equipment

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