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Nutsche filter dryer price

Nutsche filter dryer price

Nutsche filter dryer is made of stainless steel material, wide capacity range optional LAB - PILOT- INDUSTRY type professional customize, support OEM, factory visit and overseas installation service is available.

lab nutsche filter dryer

The main technical parameters of TOPTION stainless steel nutsche filter dryer

Chassis structure of nutsche filter dryer

Fixed, unloading

Main material

Stainless steel 304, 316L, hastelloy

Material of filter

Metal sintered mesh plate, metal powder sintered plate, filter cloth

Filtering fineness


Sealing type

Double end mechanical seal, packing seal

The distance between the blade and the cylinder wall

Single side 8-10 mm

Blade spacing with the base plate

8-10 mm

Flatness of floor

±1 mm/

The standard configurations of stainless steel nutsche filter dryer

Transmission system

Sealing system

Heating stirring system

Sampling valve

Discharging device

Online cleaning, online sterilization system

Material washing plant

Dry dust filtration system

Lifting drive system

Intelligent control system

LAB - PILOT - INDUSTRY nutsche filter dryer customize, contact to get free consult, and for distillation one stop solution, whole process equipments is available.

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