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Wiped film evaporator supplier

Wiped film evaporator supplier

Stainless steel wiped film evaporator with excellent thermal conductivity for high processing rates, compared with rotary evaporator, wiped film evaporator is an high efficient solvent removing equipment.

wiped film evaporator supplier

Technical parameters of wiped film evaporator


PWFS-2C wiped film evaporator supplier

Material tank

Customer's own storage tank

Material charging

Gear pump

Flow 30L260L/H

1.5KW frequency control


Evaporation area 2

Film forming wayscraper (roller is optional)


Mechanical seal

Film forming motor3KW, frequency control

Cold trap

5tube nest

Heavier component discharge

Gear pump

Flow 30L260L/H

1.5KW frequency control

Lighter component discharge

Gear pump

Flow 30L260L/H

1.5KW frequency control

Material pipeline

Jacketed insulation

Shelf & assemble

304 stainless steel pipe

wiped film evaporator supplier

ce wiped film evaporator

Main features of stainless steel wiped film molecular distillation equipment

1. Small pressure losing, high vacuum system.

2. Big diathermanous coefficient, high evaporating efficiency.

3. Low evaporating temperature, matched with high accurate heater & chiller.

4. Short heating time, suitable for the heat-sensitive material, and the material which is easy to oxidate.

5. Strong adaptability, easy to operate. Factory visit welcome contact or overseas installation service is available.

wiped film evaporator pictures

wiped film evaporator factory

Lab - pilot - industry models wide volume option, 0.1 ~ 10 square meters wiped film evaporator customize, contact 24h/7days online service.

molecular distillation equipment supplier

wiped film evaporator application

molecular distillation equipment supplier

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