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New rotary evaporator design

New rotary evaporator design

1. To prevent the sample temperature suddenly too high, or when doing exothermic reaction, burst and produce a large number of bubbles.

2. Hot steam, running from the top to down, heat loss is almost zero, good cooling effect.

3. Customize double condenser, enlarge the condensation area, make the efficient of sample collection more higher.

rotary evaporator new design

Technical parameters of this new rotary evaporator ( 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L optional )

Relevant Model

RE-5220A new rotary evaporator design

Evaporating Flask(L)


Receiving Flask(L)

10L + 3L, bottom discharge

Condensing Surface(㎡)


Rotation Speed (rpm)


Max Evaporating Speed   (Ethyl Alcohol)


Lifting Type

Automatic lifting

Reachable Vacuum Rate

0.098Mpa (SHB-B95 Vacuum Pump)

Bath Power (kw)


Staic Temp. Control Range & Wave (

RT-99(170) ±0.2

Bath Size. Capacity Material

45*27H, 40L, SUS304


220V, 50/60Hz

Dimensions (mm)


Detail pictures of this set rotary evaporator new design, all through CE certification, ISO approved, USA & Canada TOPTION brand certification, reliable quality guarantee.

rotary evaporator digital display

rotary evaporator glass parts

ce certification rotary evaporator
ISO certification rotary evaporator supplier
USA brand certification rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator glass manual fired process, guarantee the pyrex glassware with even thickness and there is no foam in it, ensure there's no crack during the rotary evaporator operation. ( the glass evaporation flask, collection flask, condenser and other rotavapor glass parts could buy separately, customize and OEM, contact learn more).

rotary evaporator glass

Include the matched chiller cooling circulators, vacuum controller, vacuum pump, all through CE certification, ISO approved, reliable quality guarantee, want to get model guide, contact directly contact with TOPTION rotary evaporator engineers.

rotary evaporator set

Factory directly sale, get competitive price, reliable quality, fast & safe delivery, professional customize, global OEM, wholehearted service.

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If you need small lab rotary evaporator, 0.5L ~ 100L wide volume customize.

rotary evaporator set

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