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Large molecular distillation equipment

Large molecular distillation equipment

Molecular distillation equipment professional customize, wide capacity range optional, LAB - PILOT - INDUSTRY types, for essential oil distillation, cbd oil, clove oil, plant oil extraction, etc.

molecular distillation equipment technical parameters

Main features of molecular distillation equipment

1. Made by high quality 316L stainless steel, durable and corrosive-resistant, with excellent thermal conductivity for high processing rates.

2. Wide choices of sizes applicable to lab, pilot and industrial production.

3. Fully jacketed design can make full insulation of whole system with circulating hot oil for precise control of insulation temperature.

4. Fully automatic operation by feeding and collection pumps make continuous and high efficient working process.

5. Turnkey solution provided ( include main distiller, support thermostatic equipment and vacuum pumps) for one stop solution of cannabis oil distillation.

6. Shortest lead time and inventory available, quality manufacture 15 years, strong technical support on-line & on-site.

molecular distillation equipment

short path distillation equipment

stainless steel molecular distillation equipment

molecular distillation equipment

7. CE certification, ISO approved, reliable quality to be your TOP OPTION in cbd oil business.

ce certification of molecular distillation equipment

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molecular distillation machine

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molecular distillation equipment supplier

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