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Clove Oil Extraction Machine

Clove Oil Extraction Machine

MDS-10C 2 stages clove oil extraction machine, made by high quality 316L stainless steel, durable and corrosive-resistant, with excellent thermal conductivity for high processing rates.

Widely applied for creating a high value clear distillate from plant oil concentrates, such as refine cannabis and hemp concentrates into a golden clear distillate that can be infused into a variety of edible products or fine oils to be used in vape cartridges or other products.

molecular distillation equipment

application of molecular distillation equipment

Technical parameters of MDS-10C two stages molecular distillation equipment

Molecular distillation equipment

MDS-10C two stages distillation equipment

Processing Measure(Depending on the material)


Evaporator surface


Inner condenser surface


Scraping film system

scraper type scraping film rotor

Feeding type

High precision gear pump with flow rate 3~15L/h


Continuous discharging gear pump with flow rate 3~15L

Material feed tank

10L jacketed stainless steel tank

Maximum distillation temperature


Observation window

2pcs at light & weight phase place

+ 2pcs at condenser   place

+ 2pcs cold trap place

All pipe insulation


Equipment height


- Vacuum system 0.01Pa, use high vacuum molecular pump unit, pumping rate 600 L/S, 550W power, 8*10-8/5*10-7 pa ultimate pressure, system PID control, integrated electrical control system, internal smoke filter, integrated control box door for easy opening, easy maintenance and operation.

high vacuum molecular pump

- Heating and cooling temperature control system of molecular distillation equipment

molecular distillation equipment temperature control system

Detail quality show of TOPTION hotsale molecular distillation equipment

clove oil extraction machine

clove oil extraction machine

clove oil extraction machine

clove oil extraction machine

clove oil extraction machine

CE certification, ISO approved, reliable quality manufacturing more than 15 years, to be your cbd oil distillation one stop solution provider, welcome contact for free consult.

CE certification molecular distillation equipment

cannabis oil one stop solution

clove oil extraction machine supplier

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