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Low Temperature Circulating Bath

Low Temperature Circulating Bath

TOPTION this set low temperature circulating bath is professional equipped with laboratory short path distillation kit , provide continuously and stable low temperature cooling source.

Technical parameters of this set low temperature circulating bath

Low temperature circulating bath

DL-2005 chiller

Temperature range ()


Digital resolution  ()


Accuracy   ()


Working tank volume (L)


Cooling capacity (W)


Circular flow (L/min)


low temperature circulating bath

1. Work can be placed in the cold tank containing biochemical reagents or samples of a variety of containers directly under low temperature thermostat experiments and testing.

2. Large-screen LCD display, software automatically control the cooling system to open, convenient and quick.

3. Efficient air-cooled fully enclosed compressor refrigeration, with delay, overheating, over-current and other multiple protection.

4. The circulating pump can cool the coolant in the tank, cool or cool the test container or set up a second constant temperature field.

5. The software can correct the temperature measurement deviation, the temperature is accurate up to 0.1 ℃.

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This low temperature circulating bath is professional used for laboratory short path distillation kit

short path distillation kit

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