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vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers

2022-06-17 11:17:53

vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers

TOPTION as vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China, With more than 16 years of experience in laboratory equipment R&D, production and sales, TOPTION team of engineers can provide strong support, including laboratory or production workshop layout design, equipment customization, large-scale equipment site installation, commissioning and use of equipment training, etc. For standard models of laboratory or home freeze dryers, we have sufficient stock to support fast shipping.

lab freeze dryer

home use freeze dryer

The above two types of freeze dryers are small freeze dryers suitable for laboratory or home use or small business, with a wide range of applications, such as freeze-dried flower tea, pizza, noodles, all kinds of meat and vegetables, all kinds of fruits, instant Coffee, etc., and pet food, etc.

We ship it together with the vacuum pump. You can use it after you receive it. It matches the local plug. You don't need to buy anything extra. If you need freeze drying equipment for large-scale pharmaceutical or food production, please contact us to support customization, on-site installation, commissioning and use of training services, DM now.


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