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Lab vacuum oven OEM ODM

2021-09-07 11:25:59

Lab vacuum oven OEM ODM

TOPTION this type lab vacuum oven is professional designed for our customers who are work in cbd industry, for cbd isolate | cbd crystals drying, in fact, it's also suitable for drying all heat-sensitive, labile, oxidizing material and decompounded to carry on fast and effective drying process. The picture below is a drying case of our customer for your reference.

lab vacuum oven

Advantages of TOPTION lab vacuum oven

1.Five side heating, distribute the heat uniformly under vacuum.

2.LED lights & Slide-out shelves - Easily retrieve products with sliding aluminum pan shelves. View samples using the built in white LED lights.

3.Dual layer tempered glass door for clear observation.

4.Stainless steel working chamber, high-quality cold-rolled steel plat oven, no rust, easy to clean, longer lasting durability.

5.Large-screen LCD display operation interface, simple and easy to understand, easy to operate.

6.Vacuum drying to effectively shorten the drying time and easily apply to heat-sensitive materials.

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Lab vacuum oven OEM ODM directly from factory, help you save cost and time, contact now.


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