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Vacuum drying oven latest delivery

2021-06-29 16:27:27

Vacuum drying oven latest delivery

Vacuum drying oven is to pump the drying chamber into a negative pressure (vacuum state) through vacuum pump. Under vacuum or low pressure, the boiling point of water, solvent and other volatile components in the material is reduced, so that it can be removed from the surface of the material particles at a lower temperature and be pumped away by the vacuum pump to achieve drying.

vacuum drying oven

The above picture is TOPTION latest laboratory drying oven customized for european universities. This vacuum drying oven is specially designed for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances. It can flush inert gas into the interior, especially for some items with complex composition, and it can be dried quickly.

drying oven operation interface  drying oven observation window

drying oven backside

ce drying oven

As drying oven manufacturer with more than 15 years experience, through ISO CE certification, provide various models drying oven customization, OEM & ODM, factory directly sale with most competitive price, in stock fast delivery, contact to inquiry now.


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