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Freeze dry food at home

2021-05-07 15:37:06

Freeze dry food at home, If you are looking for drying equipment for family food such as rice, noodles, butter, bread, pizza, etc., various fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, apples, etc., various vegetables such as onions, greens, carrots, etc., various meats such as chicken breast, beef etc., freeze-drying of various flower teas, herbs, etc. TOPTION small & commercial freeze dryer will be your TOP OPTION.

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The advantages of freeze drying technology, why more and more people prefer freeze-drying?

1. The color, aroma and taste of foods / fruit / vegetables / meat / pet food are preserved to the maximum extent, such as plant pigments remain unchanged, and the loss of various aromatic substances can be minimized, freeze-drying is better for protein-containing foods.

2. Freeze drying is especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials, which can keep heat-sensitive ingredients after drying. It can preserve various nutrients in food, especially vitamin C, which can preserve more than 90%.

3. It rehydrates quickly and is easy to eat. Freeze-dried food can easily absorb water and return to its original state.

4. Oxygen is scarce during vacuum operation, so some oxidizable substances (such as oil and fat) are protected.

5. Freeze-drying can remove more than 95%-99% of water, and the freeze dried food can be stored for a long time without deterioration.

TOPTION this household freeze dryer is small in size and can be used directly on the kitchen table. It works quietly and is sold directly from our factory. The price is very favorable. It is very suitable for household or small business use. Please contact us for the price list by

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