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How are essential oils generally extracted?

2021-04-16 14:07:05

How are essential oils generally extracted? This is a small business or home use plant flower essential oil extraction equipment, by steam distillation or water distillation to achieve extraction purpose, you can load fresh plant / flower in extraction tank, through the steam distillation ( less than 100 degree celsius) to extract essenatial oil directly from plant / flower. One person can finish whole process, very easy & convenient operation, and has high extraction rate.

essential oil extraction machine

The working principle of extraction equipment - the steam passes through plants material and vapourises oil,mixtures of steam and oil vapors go into the condenser. After the cooling,oil formed.This is the ideal device for you to make essential oil no matter for laboratory use or batch production.

extraction equipment working principle

If you want to know more detailed operation steps of essential oil extraction equipment, from how to put plant flowers into the extraction tank, turn on the machine, set the temperature (touch screen operation, convenient and fast), etc, to the final separation of plant essential oils, we have detailed procedures for the entire process Video, please feel free to contact us through


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