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What is the application of thermostatic bath ?

2021-04-01 17:45:50

For TOPTION ISO CE certification -40 ~ 300 degrees celsius high and low temperature thermostatic water bath, What is the application of thermostatic bath? Let's take a look at its application fields and important advantages, and help us pay attention to what points we should pay attention to when choosing to buy a constant temperature water bath.

thermostatic water bath

TOPTION thermostatic bath is widely used in chemical, petroleum, medicine, biology, physical chemistry, metrological verification, colleges and universities, electronic instruments, scientific research institutions and other fields to conduct experiments, testing and enterprise production in a cold and heat controlled, uniform temperature place to test samples Or the products produced are subjected to constant testing, testing or preservation, and the thermostatic bath control system adopts PID automatic control and liquid crystal display.

Our most common ones are matching laboratory rotary evaporators, laboratory glass reactors, short path distillation kit, vacuum distillation equipment, ultrasonic emulsifiers, etc. Provide a constant temperature cold and heat source for these laboratory equipment, and create a precise temperature control environment for heating and cooling.

thermostatic bath

As a manufacturer, TOPTION provide customized, OEM, wholesale, high and low temperature thermostatic baths with a wide temperature range of -40~300 degrees celsius, ISO CE certification reliable quality guarantee, contact to ask factory directly sale price now.


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