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What's the working principle of vacuum drying oven

2020-12-28 22:06:29

Vacuum drying oven is a commonly used drying oven product, which can be filled with inert gas, especially some items with disordered composition can be dried quickly, and it is widely used in many fields, the drying oven in picture is professional designed for cbd industry for cbd crystal drying. As a manufacturer of vacuum drying ovens, TOPTION provide professional customization of drying ovens and OEM. Today let us take a look at the working principle of the vacuum drying oven.

vacuum drying oven

The so-called vacuum does not mean that there is no oxygen at all, but that the number of oxygen molecules in the system is small. The vacuum drying oven is a process of heating the material after vacuuming first, so that the moisture inside diffuses, the inside evaporates, and the surface evaporates, so as to carry out the process of low temperature and low pressure drying.

The vacuum drying oven is generally small in volume, because in the vacuum state, the external pressure is sharply reduced, the boiling point of the solvent is greatly reduced, the evaporation speed is significantly improved, the evaporation area can be reduced, and the entire device is compact. The vacuum drying temperature is low, so it can dry heat-sensitive materials, and it can be sterilized under vacuum.

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