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Rotary evaporator fast delivery rotavapor supplier

2020-11-16 17:21:38

A powerful supplier of rotary evaporators certified by the third-party certification company ( SGS, TUV, BV,etc, at the same time, third-party certification companies entrusted by customers are also welcome to come to TOPTION factory for certification). We have 15+ years of experience in R&D, production and sales of evaporation equipment. Professional customization is one of our advantages. In addition, we can provide factory direct sales preferential prices, timely and sincerely service, creating value for customers, and customers' sucess is TOPTION sucess.

rotary evaporator supplier

Alcohol recovery, solvent removal, and concentration are the main purposes of evaporators. There are many types of evaporators, such as rising film evaporation, wiped film evaporation, rotary evaporation, and falling film evaporation. Each evaporator has its own unique advantages. So for the rotary evaporator, the biggest advantage is its affordable price, therefore, it is popular and praised by schools, research institutes, small-scale production, etc.

If you want to find a reliable rota evaporator supplier, TOPTION will be your TOP OPTION, DM by , customized service, no middlemen, price concessions, inventory support fast delivery, and after-sales guarantee.


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