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CBD crystal drying oven

2020-09-18 17:31:40

CBD crystal drying oven is professional designed and produced for cbd crystal drying, be widely used in cbd industry, high vacuum ensure low temperature, protect cbd.

vacuum drying oven

Your benefits of vacuum drying ovens which is professional designed for cdb crystal drying

1. strong mirror-polished SUS304 shelf plates, good thermal insulation of vacuum chamber for low energy consumption.

2. Top, botton, left, right 4 sides heating, to dry from the inside of the crystal to remove the moisture inside the crystal.

3. Vacuum drying, low temperature, protect CBD.

Rich research and production experience, professionally providing drying ovens for customers in the cannabis process. If you're work in cbd industry, good news, TOPTION provide cbd extraction, distillation, crystalliation, drying one stop turnkey solution, heating and cooling circulating bath, vacuum pump are available, contact get factory live show now.


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