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How to clean filter?

2020-08-28 17:28:38

How to clean filter?

Stainless steel 2 stages vacuum filter is professional designed for cbd filteration after hemp ethanol extraction process, by using TOPTION F series "stacked filter system", it can almost remove the vegetable oil glycerides and cellulose that are insoluble in ethanol and achieve the goal of dewaxing. 

cbd filter

How to clean this stainless steel vacuum filter?

No matter how sophisticated the design and manufacturing, poor operation and cleaning can lead to erroneous results and even damage the equipment.  Before cleaning the stainless steel spray barrel, please pay attention to the following issues.

1) Use non-abrasive cleaning agents.
2) Use a soft cloth and brush
3) Avoid using rough abrasives, wire brushes, and sandpaper, all of which can scratch the surface of stainless steel and cause corrosion and the appearance of non-sanitary surfaces, thereby destroying the sanitary standards of the entire cylinder.

1. Remove all removable parts of the equipment.
2. Use a cleaning agent without abrasives to clean all parts.
3. After all parts are cleaned, rinse with pure water several times to prevent water stains.
4. Install carefully after cooling dry for later use.

Correct cleaning can ensure the high efficiency filtering effect of the filter without clogging and prolong the service life of the filter. Welcome contact learn more. If you're interested in cbd extraction | filtration | evaporation | distillation equipment turnkey solution, please contact without any hesitate, could get factory directly sale price, professional customize, fast delivery, etc.


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