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CBD crystallization reactor new design

2020-08-21 15:42:33

CBD crystallization reactor new design

In stainless steel crystallization reactor, dissolve at elevated temperature / room temperature, crystallize out at lower temperature, and filter to obtain higher pure CBD. After multiple filtration, 99% pure CBD crystals can be achieved. TOPTION new design stainless steel crystallization reaction tank hotsale 50L 100L 200L hotsale stock avaiable for fast delivery, factory directly sale help you save cost and time.

stainless steel crystallization reactor

Technical parameters of 50L cbd crystallization reactor

Model TCFR-50L Lab crystallization reactor
Material SS304 high quality stainless steel
Driving method and seal type Magnetic drive, static sealing
Stirring power
750W, variable frequency speed regulation
Heating method
Jacket heating cycle, jacket with 70mm insulation layer
Pressure gauge and thermometer
Equipped with
Heat exchange area
Motor UL certification, explosion proof design

Details pictures detail quality of stainless steel crystallization reactor

lab crystallization reactor

cbd crystal reactor

stainless steel cbd crystallization

stainless steel crystallization tank

This new design crystallization reactor, adopte the design - the reaction and filtration are separated, greatly reducing the loss rate. The common crystallizer on the market cannot be filtered to 99% purity due to the problem of CBD loss. We can do this successfully. If you want to find cbd crystallization reactor manufacturer, TOPTION will be your TOP OPTION, technical support, professional customization based on more than 15 years, guarante reliable quality, wholehearted service, support online live show to see our factory.

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