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Using rotary evaporator what should I pay attention to?

2020-07-30 18:41:37

Using rotary evaporator what should I pay attention to?

The main purpose of the rotary evaporator is to concentrate, remove reagents | solvent, and recover alcohol | ethanol. In the cbd oil extraction | distillation industry, rota evaporators are widely selected because of its economical price. The rotary evaporator is mainly composed of motor, evaporation flask, heating bath, condenser ( new TOPTION rotavapor adopts a dual condenser design, which can greatly increase the efficiency),collection flask, heating bath protection lid, etc.

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What should we pay attention to when using a rotary evaporator?

1. The heating bath (oil bath | water bath) is not allowed to dry heating without water/oil, add water/oil before powering on.

2. The air-tightness of each joint, vacuum tube, and glass bottle will affect the vacuum degree, so please check it frequently.

3. Each interface, sealing surface, sealing ring and joints need to be coated with a layer of vacuum grease before rotary evaporator installation.

4. If the distilled sample has a high viscosity, the rotation speed of rota evaporator should not be too fast. It is best to rotate slowly manually to form a new liquid level to facilitate the evaporation of the solvent.

5. When in use, please vacuumize first, and then rotate to prevent the evaporation flask from slipping, when stopping, please stop the rotation first, hold the evaporation flask with your hands, and let the atmosphere open. When the vacuum drops to about 0.04MPa, then stop the vacuum pump to prevent the evaporation flask from falling off or suck back.

The correct use of the rotary evaporator can effectively extend the service life of the evaporator. If you encounter problems during use, please feel free to contact TOTPION through  . 1L-100L rotary evaporator wide capacity range flexible design, also welcome contact TOPTION to get fast price quote or support online live show.


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