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Which type of distillation is most efficient?

2020-06-28 19:11:08

Distillation is a thermodynamic separation process, which uses the different boiling points of the components in the mixed liquid or liquid-solid system to evaporate the low-boiling components and then condenses to separate the entire component. Divided by mode distillation method includes: simple distillation, equilibrium distillation, rectification, short path molecular distillation. Divided by operating pressure distillation method includes: normal pressure, pressurized, and reduced pressure.

Which type of distillation is most efficient? Short path molecular distillation equipment, which is a special liquid-liquid separation technology,and can be operated in extremely high vacuum.

molecular distillation equipment

According to the difference of average free path of molecular movement, it promotes the separation of liquid at a temperature far lower than its boiling point, especially suitable for the separation of high boiling point, heat sensitivity and oxide system raw materials. So short path molecular distillers are popular used in the pharmaceutical industries,to distille clean and clear cbd oil,to process edible oils and fats.

As the most efficient distillation method, short path molecular distillation has wide applications.

1. Separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easy oxide materials.

2. Can extremely effectively remove substances in liquids such as organic solvents, odors, etc.

3. Can selectively evaporate the target product, remove other impurities, and can separate more than two substances at the same time through multi-stage separation.

4. Rose essence oil purification, ginger oil purification, angelica oil purifying & decoloration ( if use general water evaporation, after subcritical extraction, the color of angelica is black, but if use short path molecular distillation, the angelica color will keep bright & yellow).

5. Clean and clear cbd oil distillation separation.

Molecular distillation fractionation process is a physical process, which can well protect the separated materials from pollution and damage.Contact now to get short path molecular distillation equipment's factory sales price, fast delivery, lifetime after-sale, high quality, most advanced technology and professional customization.


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