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How to Crystallize CBD?

2020-06-18 18:16:23

CBD crystallization is a procedure for purifying an impure compound in a solvent after cbd extraction | dewaxing | concentration | distillation process. The method of purification is based on the principle that the solubility of most solids increases with increased temperature. This means that as temperature increases, the amount of solute that can be dissolved in a solvent increases.

cbd crystallization reactor

Before cbd crystallization, we need to know cbd crystallization will works best when - the quantity of impurities is small. And the solubility curve of the desired solute rises rapidly with temperature. So cbd oil hemp oil pre-treatment is very important. Which is include hemp flower drying, cbd crude oil extraction, dewaxing, alcohol recovery, decarboxylation, distillation, then, crystallization.

TOPTION brand crystallization reactor has glass and stainless steel different material options, both jacketed layer design to connected with temperature circulating bath to achieve -80℃~ 250℃ working temperature range. Designed with filtration plate and automatic lifting design, you can crystallize cbd in one reaction unit, and automatic lifting design for easy material uploading & cleaning.

crystallization reactor design

Crystallize cbd, to make cbd isolate, crystallization reactor will be your TOP OPTION, contact to get professional customization, online liveshow fast talking or checking, with CE certifications, get free drawing design now.


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