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How to deal with the scaling of wiped film evaporator?

2020-05-11 18:13:49

Stainless steel wiped film evaporator is the most high efficient method to do solvent remove / ethanol recovery, also is the best thermal separation method for the heat sensitive material because it's the gentlest type and causing the least amount of thermal degradation of product. For many wiped film evaporator users, it is a headache to face the scaling of the wiped film evaporator. So what should be done after finding the scaling of the wiped film evaporator?

wiped film evaporator

1. First clean the heavy discharge and evaporation tower wall, and then use the condensate to wash the condensation coil.

2. Please don't turn on the chiller corresponding to the condensing coil, first turn on the evaporator heater and preheater heater, select the temperature and pump the solvent, let the solvent go through the material flow, and the effect of a large amount of solvent washing is very good.

3. At this time, a large amount of solvent will flow into the condenser and surround the condensing coil. These steams are also very good for cleaning the coil.

4. After a period of time, the coil was steamed for a period of time. At this time, please turn on the chiller, and the steam condensed into a liquid to wash the coil and bring out the oil grease.

5. If the tank level gauge is stuck, it can be dipped in hot water from the outside and soaked in hot solvent.

6. If there is old oil in the stainless steel tower wall, solvent immersion cleaning, polar + non-polar mixed solvent, hot, immersion.

7. Please do not use acidic or other solvents that corrode stainless steel to clean.

8. Please don not use the solvents that cause corrosion on the seal.

9. Pay attention to the exhaust port when cleaning, so as not to hold back the pressure.

In short, during daily use, we must do regular cleaning & maintenance of the wiped film evaporator, so that the scaling phenomenon will not occur.If the process is mature, the operation is standardized, the material impurities are few, the CBD process does not need to wash the wiped film evaporator every time after it is used up. It can be washed once every 100 hours. If there is a mistake in cleaning and maintenance and the scaling phenomenon is generated, please do not worry, it can be easily solved by the above method.

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