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How do bag filters work?

2020-04-29 18:01:04

The bag filter is a new type of filtration system. Because of its novel structure, small size, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, closed work, and strong applicability, it is widely used in paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, and chemical , Petroleum products, textile chemicals, photosensitive chemicals, electroplating solution, milk, mineral water, thermal solvents, latex, industrial water, sugar water, resin, ink, industrial wastewater, fruit juice, edible oil, wax, etc.

bag filter

The filter bag is supported by a metal mesh basket inside the bag filter. The liquid flows in from the inlet, flows out from the outlet after being filtered by the filter bag.

It is very easy to operate. Your just need to use the required fineness grade filter bag in the filter cartridge, check whether the O-ring is intact, and then tighten the ring bolt of the filter cartridge cover to start working.

After the centrifuge pump starts, the pressure gauge on the filter rises slightly. When the pressure reaches 0.3MPa-0.6MPa, the cylinder cover should be stopped to check the filter in the case of bag residue, the filter bag can be replaced and used continuously (the filter bag can generally be reused by cleaning).

The outer shell of the bag filter cylinder is generally made of stainless steel, and the filter bag of different materials can be selected according to the characteristics of the medium, temperature, and filtration accuracy. TOPTION as cbd oil extraction | filtration | distillation turnkey solution provider, with more than 15 years manufacturing experience, support professional customize, or standard type has stock available, fast delivery within 7 days. Contact get fast price quote / detail information now.


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