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What's the advantages of bag filter?

2020-04-17 18:54:23

Multistage filters professional customize - primary bag filter + second-stage core filter, matched with ethanol extraction centrifuge direactly, equipped with centrifuge pump, whole set connection pipeline.

Not only greatly improve your filtration efficient, also help you save time & cost.

bag filter

What's the advantages of bag filter?

1. Multistage bag filter & core filter design according to your actual request. High accuracy, suitable for any fine particles or suspended matter.

2. Workbench cart design, easy & convenient moving, compact structure and reasonable size makes the bag filter's installation and operation are simple and convenient, you just need a small area, most flexible and help you save space.

3. Bag filter's treatment flow is large, small resistance, high filtration efficiency, which could greatly reduce the cost.

In short, high precision, large filtration processing capacity, low cost and high efficiency bag filtration system professional customize, contact now.


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